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Whizzed Net
Whizzed Net

Whizzed Net has been created for Landmark and historical places of world. Enhance with illustrated knowledge blog before going to your next assignment. Share with friends and family.

Life is beautiful, when you find the real beauty of it. Beauty is in everywhere, every corner of this world, just you have to see it in a beautiful way then everything will be the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen. The early morning dew drop with a glimpse of sunlight, the same white flower of your courtyard, the yellow pages of your old book are same beautiful as the snow caped Everest Mountain or the tiny islands in the middle of deep blue sea. Wherever you are, in the middle of the chaotic slums or in the dark green forest, may be in a ultramodern planned city or in a small village of any mountain valley, the beauty is always around you. Feel it, love it, live it and “Let’s Get Lost” in it!

live it and “Let’s Get Lost” in it!

  • Our Goal:
  1. To take you in some untouched extraordinary locations.
  2. To help you to get a proper travel trips.
  3. To give you some tastes of adventure in a very safe way.
  4. To let you feel the knowledge of happiness in an exotic way.
  5. To help you to taste the real culture, real food, real life of any destination.
  6. To show you the real Beauty and to inspire you to say “Let’s Get

It is a matured concept of a Bohemian team, who spent almost their life by roaming around the world, who captured all the moments of fantasy while crossing so many land borders, who created an inspiration to feel the real beauty among their surroundings. And, now it’s time to launch this concept globally. Miles we crossed, cultures we saw, natures we felt, creation we made and now we feel to make an initiative to spread our experience and to invent a tradition for Travel, Photography & Adventure. After crossing more than 2,00,000 miles (ca. 321,869 km), 100 destinations and 30 land borders, we are able to guide a traveler to the right place to see the real beauty of this mother earth and feel the real perfection to capture it inside the photo frame. After seeing so many beautiful things in this incredible world, we felt inside we should start something in a very noble way that will help to show those unseen beauties to all beauty lovers Wee are able to take you somewhere, in some odd and exotic corner of any destination, where you can sit in real peace, where you can watch the unspoken beauty and capture incredible photos, where poetry and painting is a part of nature, where you can do some once in a lifetime adventures, which will motivate you to say Life Is Beautiful. We Get Lost all the times, but now we are here to take you a bit far away from your daily cup of tea and to say together “Let’s Get Lost”.

Why Whizzed Net?

There are millions of agencies in this world to give you a taste of travel of Historical Places. Everyone is great in their pointer view. In the same way we grew up with some unique and innovative features, for which you may like us. In this modern century global travel lovers proffered a bit different packages more than those old usual travel packages. We have all the wide options of exclusive and exotic tours for someone who loves to travel in adventurous way and loves to click the lively subjects in their camera lens. We take you somewhere, where you can feel the real culture of that place, where you can see the real life of that area, where you can get all the magnificent camera shots for your valuable album. We try to give you all the unknown tastes of any known destination. That’s what we are special for. We are such a company to give you an Excellent Travel taste and to help you to get the Untouched Photos. “Let’s Get Lost” is our slogan because, we want to take you in any uncommon location of any common destination and help you to lose yourself in a different fantasy world and feel the real happiness in a safe adventurous way.


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